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THE ST PETERSBURG CRIME DATABASE FUNCTION ON THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. We set this site up in April 2009. The database worked until December 2011 when we had some hosting problems.

Many St Pete people would look at the site, even send in reports as if we were the St Petersburg Police Department. However, there was never any financial support and we don't have the resources to set it up again ourselves. We expected that we would get more support from the people of St Petersburg, FL than it got. St Petersburg has one of the highest crime and violent crime rates in the USA. You get what you deserve.

Siamese Cat Killed Saint Petersburg
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We'd love to hear what you think about this web site. We are very new so there are bound to be problems. Please alert us to any mistakes that you find, or to any suggestions that would make this web site easier and more informative to use.

If you are interested in advertising on the site or otherwise becoming involved we would like to hear from you.

Please note: the St Pete Crimes site is not affiliated with the St Petersburg Police Department. Please don't contact us about any issue with any of these police calls, and especially don't contact us if you have a crime to report. For police emergency matters, call 911, and for non-emergency, call 727-893-7780.

We have no access to police reports beyond the calls for service data.

Here are some crime reports and other inquiries we have gotten. Don't do what these people did....we are not the St Petersburg Police Force.

Please fill out the form below and we will respond to your enquiry. We are not the St Petersburg Police Department, so don't have access to any more information than you see here. The site is just a private site reporting on St Pete PD calls for service. If you want police reports, you should contact the police at (727) 893-7780.

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