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THE ST PETERSBURG CRIME DATABASE FUNCTION ON THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. We set this site up in April 2009. The database worked until December 2011 when we had some hosting problems.

Many St Pete people would look at the site, even send in reports as if we were the St Petersburg Police Department. However, there was never any financial support and we don't have the resources to set it up again ourselves. We expected that we would get more support from the people of St Petersburg, FL than it got. St Petersburg has one of the highest crime and violent crime rates in the USA. You get what you deserve.

Siamese Cat Killed Saint Petersburg
St Pete Crimes is Dedicated to Amy, Click Here To Find Out More

About St Pete Crimes

What they are saying about St Pete Crimes:

St Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster: Wow. Terrific website. Many thanks for the tool, and for all that you do for St. Petersburg. Rest assured, if I have anything to say about it, my goal as your Mayor will be to put you out of business (or realistically, reduce your work load / calls for service dramatically).

St Petersburg Chief of Police Charles "Chuck" Harmon: No, Thanks. (when we asked him if he would link to the site from the St Pete PD web site)

This site was founded based on an idea from a couple of incidents that occurred here in St Petersburg, FL. One was the killing of the cat that you may see on the home page of this site. The St Petersburg Police Department says that they responded to the call about that incident, but following is the list of calls for service at that time. There is no animal cruelty call listed at or about 12:11 PM, which is when the St Pete Police say that they responded.

This site got a bit of a boost in August when the St Pete Times ran an article on it, featuring the two worst photographs ever taken of me :-)

They did omit part of the back-story for me setting up the site, which was why, despite the witnesses to the attack on my cat calling 911, no officer was dispatched. The witnesses didn't see anyone come, I didn't see anyone when I found her bleeding on the sidewalk, and most damning of all, there is no relevant call listed in the calls for service for that time. When I wrote the SPPD, they wrote back saying a call had come in and an officer (who I won't name) was dispatched and he didn't see anything. Here are the calls from that period. The SPPD says the call came in at 12:11.

C2008020621 20080412 11:52:17 DOMESTIC BRAWL E2008078471 DEMICK, KAREN 221A 3320 4TH AV S
C2008020622 20080412 12:25:08 LOST PROPERTY E2008078497 HOWARD, VICTOR TRU12 1300 1ST AV N
C2008020623 20080412 11:58:55 FRAUD E2008078476 LAURY, CYNTHIA 273A 2551 34TH ST S
C2008020624 20080412 12:32:37 DOM VIOL INJ VIOLATN E2008078501 VAUGHAN, CHRISTOPHER 283A 2453 18TH AV N
C2008020625 20080412 12:18:47 DOMESTIC BATTERY E2008078495 OLIVER, SAMORA 272B 222 38TH ST S
C2008020626 20080412 12:55:05 NARC DRUG LAW VIOL E2008078516 POSTLE, PHILIP SC22 93RD AV N/4TH ST
C2008020627 20080412 12:36:42 ACC MV MINOR E2008078506 TAYLOR, BRIAN 263A 9355 4TH ST N
C2008020628 20080412 12:46:40 ANIMAL CRUELTY E2008078513 BELLITTERA, RYAN 222A 3327 6TH AV S *************** different time, different address
C2008020630 20080412 13:05:17 RELINQUISHED WEAPON E2008078523 HERRING, DONALD 244A 1300 1ST AV N
C2008020631 20080412 13:06:20 LOST PROPERTY E2008078524 HOWARD, VICTOR TRU12 1300 1ST AV N
C2008020632 20080412 13:13:00 AGGRAVATED BATTERY E2008078533 LAANINEN, SCOTT 211A 649 7TH AV N
C2008020633 20080412 13:13:16 ACC MV MINOR E2008078534 STEWART, JAMES 233A 3100 54TH AV S

If anyone can tell us why that may be the case then please contact us.

I saw the SPPD's own calls for service web site last night. Giving credit where credit is due, it looks pretty good. Certainly beats mine with my limited budget and time. Dr Webb seemed very helpful when I spoke to him later. I made a point of asking both he and Chief Harmon if there is any reason that a call would not be included in the calls for service. They said an emphatic "no", other than the sexual and abuse calls prevented from being shown by Florida statute. So, can anyone say why this call is not listed?

The witnesses did tell me that the 911 report writer was argumentative, tho I don't know if that was a county person or an SPPD person.

The case that ultimately did get created was 2008-021038, if anyone out there wants to help.

I have gotten some feedback on the site, and I'd like to respond here:

- Andy suggested a Ticker type rolling number every time an auto theft, drug arrest, car jacking or robbery happens - great idea, but am limited by time and money. I am not a programmer, but something like this would be easy if I was.

- Alicia else said that the site is too formal - that is intentional. I don't want to get too opinionated or editorial. Just the facts, ma'am.

- Bernie and Fabrizio want the Times to print a article with the reward clearly stated for the arrest of Amy's savage killer - it is hard enough getting a year old animal cruelty case in print as it is...I think this web site was a great idea to do just that. The reward is $4500 FYI

- Howard said that the first page of the site should be more attractive and user friendly - it is meant to be simple. Again, time and money. Other people like how it looks so you can't please everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this St Petersburg Police Department Calls for Service site useful?
If you are a landlord, you can find out if your rental property has had the police called there and if your tenants could be getting into trouble. Or if a property you are considering buying is a drug house or has had a notorious crime committed there. Check on your rental applicants' past addresses to see if the police have been called during their tenancies.

If you are a potential tenant or home buyer, you can check what calls the Saint Petersburg police have received for the area near the property that you looking at residing in.
If you are working in sales or marketing for an alarm or security company, you could use Saint Pete Crimes to determine where the hotspots for crime are, and then targeting those areas. You could even provide a list of locally committed crimes to prospects in order to hasten them in their decision to purchase or lease your services.
How can I link to the St Petersburg Crimes Calls for Service site?
If you have a web site, then we would welcome a link to St Pete Crimes. The HTML code should be something like the following:
<a href="" title="Saint Petersburg Police Department Calls"> Saint Petersburg Police Department Calls</a>
How can I help the St Petersburg Crimes Calls for Service site?
Donations or Sponshorship is welcome. If a security company wanted to sponsor the site, that would seem a natural fit. Or in the election season, a candidate concerned with St Petersburg law and order as an issue may like to advertise here.
For those with less money, but some technical acumen, assistance in cleaning up the data base or creating more queries would be helpful. We want to build a graphical interface showing crimes on a map, or a graph of calls based on type or area so we can really see if the St Pete crime rate is climbing or not.
Why is St Petersburg Crimes Calls better than getting the crime reports from the Newspaper?
The Police release their Calls for Service data on a Monday. The St Petersburg Times prints that data in the Neighborhood Times on the following Sunday. St Pete Crimes dot com publishes the data on the same day that the Police release it. We also show more information, such as the name of the officer responding and the exact address of the event, not just the block. The site is also much easier to specify and search on certain criteria. We have police crime data going back to 2007 that we hope to have on the site as soon as possible.

At this time, like the St Petersburg newspapers we have decided not to publish the callers' names, though this is public record and is included in the data that the police release.

Why is some data missing from the site?

After dragging their feet on this issue for many years, St Petersburg Police have signed up with a non local company to provide calls for service information. Is it a coincidence that they decided to launch this effort a few weeks after the St Pete Crimes site was publicized in the St Petersburg Times and elsewhere? Probably not. Chief Chuck Harmon decided he better come to the 21st Century later better than never. Especially in an election year for City Council and Mayor. While the presentation of the data on that site is superior (we are doing this in our spare time with limited resources) the information provided is not. You won't know the exact location of an event and you won't know the officer responding either. Their site is called

Unilaterally, from October, 2009 onwards, the Saint Petersburg Police Department decided not to send out the data file described below. So for a period, you weren't seeing any updates to the crime data here. We discovered that there was be an uprising of protest from other recipients, especially those in the media who relied on that for their crime report data, and due to pressure from some concerned citizens, we are now receiving data again. We do have data going back to August 2007, so we will be posting that for public edification.

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